Denture Relines & Adjustments

Denture relines, also called denture adjustments, are sometimes needed. Your mouth, gums, and jawbones are constantly changing which can cause your dentures not to fit properly. In order for your dentures to fit comfortably, you may need to get your dentures relined. And, by having your dentures relined regularly, you’re actually prolonging the life of your dentures and improving the health of your mouth. Improperly fitted dentures can cause pain, irritation, and mouth sores which can lead to more problems than a poorly fitted denture. Some of the denture relines and adjustments services Denture Center of Arizona offers are:

  • Partial Denture Repairs
  • Partial Denture Adjustments
  • Same Day Denture Relines
  • Same Day Denture Adjustments

Properly Fitted Dentures Reduce Shrinkage

As we age, our mouths and gums may shrink: this can be made worse by not having your teeth. However, properly fitted dentures can actually help reduce this shrinkage. Brushing your mouth and gums can also help reduce the shrinking that comes with age and missing teeth. If your dentures aren’t fitting properly, you should make an appointment with an Arizona dentures dentist to discuss getting your dentures relined or adjusted.

If Your Dentures Aren’t Fitting Properly

If you’ve noticed that your denture isn’t fitting as tightly or that you’re using a denture fixative, you should call the denture dentists at Denture Center of Arizona. And, if you have any pain, irritation, or mouth sores, you should call us immediately to avoid making the pain and irritation worse.

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