Getting high quality dentures can be a long, painstaking process with most Arizona dentists because most have to rely on an outside lab. Your dentures will go back and forth between your Arizona dentures dentist and the lab until they are perfected; this process can sometimes take weeks or even months before you get a set of comfortable dentures. In the meantime, you are left without dentures or with an existing, ill-fitting set.

Dentures at Denture Center of Arizona

At Denture Center of Arizona we have an on-site, state of the art, progressive denture laboratory where we can fabricate your Arizona dentures in as little as one day. When it comes to dentures, Arizona counts on us, the Denture Center of Arizona for fast and accurate fabrication.

Same Day Dentures Process

The process begins with an early morning appointment to make your denture impressions. These impressions go into our on-site lab and fabrication of your permanent dentures begins immediately. Your same day dentures will be of the highest possible quality with the utmost attention to appearance and comfort. The best part is you won’t be left without dentures for weeks or months on end.

When it comes to dentures in AZ, Denture Center of Arizona leads the pack. Call Denture Center of Arizona today at (480) 730-1600 and find out how you can get same day dentures in AZ today.